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What are remote work trends going to be in or after 2020? The popularity of this phenomenon of remote work has changed in recent years. That’s just one of the potential forecast to embrace remote work post crisis.

Whether you’re working as a freelancer or you belong to the tech world with full-time employment, working remotely has always been one step ahead of the “office-home-office” game.

Flexibility in the workspace and working hours is a great motivation for people who can’t stand the monotony and sterility of office life.

Successful remote work is all about finding a lifestyle that suits and works for you. No doubt, why it creates the best and most productive work environment.

According to Owl labs, 18 percent of people work remotely full-time. Out of which, 34 percent of them work a day or more per week, and 16 percent just once a month. The possibility of having a flexible working environment is so tempting that remote work is becoming people’s first choice.

What can we expect in the future?

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Be it working in jammies or answering calls while sipping one’s favorite juice, remote work is becoming people’s first choice.

We’re more focussed on all the flexible approaches that give us the freedom to work from home with the most compelling reasons.

Let’s discuss here how remote work could be a priority in the future with the count of various advantages of having a flexible working plan in the long run.

1. Avoid the commute

Traveling to the office daily and attending meetings scheduled for 30-90 minutes every day, sometimes becomes a headache. While working remotely, you can avoid commute and replace old-fashioned, elaborate in-office meetings with online meetings. In short, you can use this time for your productive work. Whether you want to take a tea break or surf the internet, the time you save as a remote worker is yours to use on things you want to accomplish. 

2. Work from anywhere 

How about the idea of turning your living room into your office space? Either work from the beach or from any coffee cafe. It can be your cozy couch or a corner with a sprawling desk, a huge monitor, and a rolling chair. You can fit your office whichever way it appeals to you. Your comfort working allows you to create a work environment that is conducive to putting out your best work.

3. Schedule your routine

Having a flexible routine of working hours and handling your household stuff can be managed easily if you schedule it wisely. Plan accordingly, when to work and if you need to work at specific hours, you’re sure to still have some break time—time you can use however you’d like! 

Maintaining a work-life balance might sound a little difficult but is surely not. Talking to your family members or sipping coconut drinks while answering emails, taking breaks becomes easy for you.  

4. Saves a LOT of money

Getting a handsome pay at the end of the month and then spending half of them on the traveling and food expense- wistful? But working remotely, you’ll see an immediate difference in your bank account. As you no longer spend on commute. And of course, affording things from the wish list you created once, become easy now.

5. Own your time

While working remotely, you come across various tools and techniques which can be used. Whether it is about video conferencing or tracking your own time, you actually make use of it. It is easy for teams now to be able to get their work done in one place with the help of these tools. 

When you see your tech partners unavailable around, you focus on developing the skill of looking for your own answers and becoming more proactive to find what you need on your own.

Also, you can learn various courses in your free time and upgrade yourself.

6. Avoid office politics

You never get to know if you’re being liked by your other co-worker or not. Working remotely keeps you away from captious people and their discussions at least.

You might not be best friends with everyone when you work remotely. But, because idle chatting and spending time just hanging around the break room isn’t possible, remote workers tend to skip the gossiping and posturing that happens in traditional work settings.

7. Can ditch professional clothes?

“Suit yourself to a comfortable outfit to run your remote schedule”.

Your wardrobe must be relaxed now for you not creating chaos every morning searching for which pair of clothes you should wear today. So you can spend all day in athleisure—or even pajamas when you work remotely. 

8. Prioritize your mental health

Do you have a habit of staying up late for work reasons and feel mentally disturbed? It is affecting your mental health in ways you can’t figure out. But, working remotely has a fix. Since you can schedule your meetings according to your comfort, power naps are a regular thing. Thereby being in control of your mental health. 

According to a survey, individuals with high emotional stability and high levels of autonomy are best suited for remote work.

9. Become more productive

The key to work from home success is to create an environment that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. Though there are tons of distractions, less accountability, and less communication compared to the office lifestyle the best part is you can fuel your creativity.

You will have enough time to brush up, learn, and grow with different skills. Whether it’s about cooking something better in the kitchen or being a blooming bud at art, you still ace your co-workers in the race of staying productive.


Remote work has become a career-defining move for one, one which first began due to poor health. It has proved how these awesome tricks can make your work-life far-far better. If creating systems and habits for yourself can get you, clients, they can also keep you productive and content in your position.

Do you have any other advantages in your mind? You can share with us in the comments and can also drop an email at

We would love to know your insights and thoughts.

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