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Mo’ work models, mo’ problems. While giants like Google and Apple have been grappling with different models of work and different policies, one thing has become abundantly clear – remote work is here to stay.

Our mission has always been to simplify remote hiring for modern recruiters. We’re delighted to announce a new set of product updates committed to building this experience for your team: 

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Interviews: Goodbye, scheduling back and forth

Scheduling interviews on Crewscale is now quicker than ever. You can create your interview availability calendar, invite candidates and manage schedules for all your interviews from the newly introduced ‘Interviews’ tab in Crewscale.

Think of ‘Interviews’ like Calendly for scheduling interviews, only much better and powerful. It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Add time slots based on your availability for a day, week, or month. To make this experience simple, sync your Google calendar. Crewscale will show the times you’ve already booked so that you do not run into clashes while creating new slots.
  2. Share this availability calendar with the candidates for a particular job with a single click.
  3. Candidates book their preferred slots. The booked interviews will show up automatically in your calendar (also your Google calendar if you’ve synced it).

Where do I find it?

After logging in, you can find the ‘Interviews’ tab in the main menu on the left side. The top sub-menu here has two options – you can create new time slots in ‘Slots’ and share your calendar from ‘Scheduled’.

Remote readiness enhancements

The “Remote Readiness” section in the developer profiles now has additional tools for evaluating communications skills. Recruiters can view videos of the candidates talking about their work, passion & projects – and evaluate how they communicate professionally.

Clear communications play a vital role in completing projects with the desired efficiency. For people working remotely, it is much more important due to time constraints, clashing schedules & time zones. This section has thus been enhanced to help you assess these skills better & hire for maximum competency.

Where do I find it?

Remote readiness videos are a part of candidate profiles by default. 

Pulse: Track performance & build trust on autopilot

What happens after you find the right developer for your job? Managing developers remotely comes with its own set of challenges. Introducing Pulse – the one place to track performance, maintain transparency, and build trust while working with remote developers.

Once installed on a developers’ device, Pulse logs their work hours, tracks performance, monitors activity and efficiency, and reports it all back to you. At the end of every month, it will also automatically generate invoices and send them to your inbox with a payment link. 

Where do I find it?

You will automatically see the relevant reports in your dashboard around logged hours and other crucial performance parameters. To get started, developers simply need to install Pulse on their system.

A majority of developers Crewscale network have already started using Pulse, so it is possible that Pulse reports are already up and running for you. If not, devs can use the following links: 

  1. Install Pulse –  Pulse – CrewScale
  2. Learn more about Pulse – Frequently asked Questions – Freelancers (

We’re excited to see how you use these new features! Log in to Crewscale to take them for a spin today. If you need any help, we’re always happy to hear from you at

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