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What is Toptal?

Toptal is a freelance marketplace platform that provides remote contractors for large corporate clients. Toptal was founded in 2010, making it one of the pioneers of the managed talent marketplace model, stepping away from the bidding system to offer a premium service. They claim to have only top talent in their network and put all freelancers through a four to six-week vetting process.

Enter Crewscale

Crewscale is a platform with a community of 50000 + pre-assessed, remote engineers. The handpicked talent pool and the rigorous testing through 100+ skill tests and project-based assessments ensure that our talent has the technical skills and specific domain expertise. Crewscale now has one of the biggest communities of elite software developers across the world and the largest talent communities in the eastern hemisphere.

Before we jump into the realities, let’s have a quick overview of the performance of these platforms to keep your company budget afloat.

What Toptal offers

Toptal supposedly offers the top 3% of the development, design and finance talent pool, but there are other sites like Toptal that might be the better choice in many cases. For example, Toptal is usually not suitable for smaller projects, and their rates are far too high for many businesses. Let’s dive into some major points that Toptal offers.

Hiring process

With Toptal there are no recruiting fees or termination costs if the project gets canceled. Also, there is no agency markup. It usually takes up to 21 days to hire a developer, compared with over two months when hiring full-time employees.

Different sizes of teams

You can have a different number of specialists in your team for various stages of the project or particular tasks. Toptal is quite flexible in this matter and can gather a team of any size to make it the most suitable for the task.

Pre-screened candidates

Toptal accepts only 3 out of 100 applicants who apply to be a part of their network. To do this, they use a 4-stage vetting process: Interview, assessment, screening, and a test project.

Wide range of specialists

There are front-end developers (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.), back-end developers (Python, Django, Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, iOS, Rails, etc.), quality assurance specialists (Unit Testing, Selenium, PHPUnit, JUnit, Cucumber, etc.), designers (UI, UX, Visual, Interaction) and finance experts (FP&A, financial modeling & valuation, fundraising, market research, pricing analysis, etc.) on the team.

Any location in the world

The network of Toptal freelancers has a global reach, which means that specialists from different countries can work on your project. Toptal has been working with different companies from Germany, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Japan, and others. Sometimes they even relocate their freelancers if it is necessary for the project.

What Crewscale offers?

Hiring process

Our hiring strategy is simple and two-fold, centered around our mission to connect the right talent with the right opportunities. Our pipeline is very selective, with the top 1% of candidates getting into it. We have a proprietary assessment engine, Talscale, perfected by testing over 10000 engineers in the last 2 years. Talscale filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool.

High-quality talent pool

We work with top 1 percentile talent, meaning you’re working with the best talent possible. With Crewscale, you can find the right talent pool – highly talented, skilled, and culture-fit employees right where they are. That is far from the ground reality though. Crewscale assists you to hire remotely, without being choosy about certain choices with only searching for workers based near them. You now have access to the global talent pool. This is an alternative way to bring in different perspectives, attitudes, and ideas into your company.

Wide range of specialists

If you are looking for an accomplished and professional candidate, your search might end here. From Hire React to Machine learning to UX designers, you have the availability of almost all the required competent and experienced skill sets. You can find here the best-suited developers for your company who are ready to work in your time zone.


There is a marked shift towards lifestyle and learning. Engineers want to be more hands-on in their career, the learning curve matters, the choice of being able to pick the projects and of course, flexibility and independence. With a fairly big shift in work culture now, Crewscale serves low overheads; and greater flexibility and productivity.

Any location in the world

With remote employment, location is not a hindrance. Consider, if you want high-quality talent but can’t afford to break the bank, you can still opt for someone from different corners of the globe. Crewscale allows you to expand your horizons globally and focus on finding the best fit for your specific projects.



Toptal requires an initial deposit of $500 once companies hire talent. If they decide not to move forward with the hiring process, the platform refunds the deposit amount in full.

The pricing plan ranges from $60 to $200 per hour, depending on the amount and quality of work required. On top of that, full-time freelance help to grow from $2,000 to $6,400 per week.


Pricing is on an hourly basis or weekly basis depending on the nature of work. Crewscale charges $30 per hour with prescreened profiles provided and no extra terminal fees.



Vetted freelancers

There are no unchecked specialists, all of them are selected and approved before they can be put onto the project. They focus on developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers for companies of all sizes.

Talent Relocation

Toptal can also relocate freelancers if needed. This process generally takes only a week so companies are able to quickly work with their hired talent. You don’t need to organize any office space for the Toptal team, all you need to do is communicate your expectations.

Remote work

Toptal freelancers work from different places around the globe. They are able to work on their employers’ assigned working hours so the existing workflow is not disrupted. As a general rule, teams work remotely. If, however, you would like to have a specialist work physically at your office, this is also possible.

IP protection
Everything your freelancers do is kept private, including your IP and all related information. The level of security is very strong.


Prescreened candidates

Crewscale follows its rigorous screening process to match for domain-specific knowledge and expertise. It has its own proprietary talent assessment engine, Talscale, perfected by testing over 10000 engineers in the last 2 years. Talscale filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool.

Remote work

Crewscale believes in being one step ahead of the “office-home-office” game and allows its freelancers to work from different locations around the world. Remote work needs a strong, and more conscious approach to culture and Crewscale values it. Flexibility in the workspace and working hours is a great motivation for people who can’t stand the monotony and sterility of office life, just a few additional perks Crewscale provides.

Relevant talent

Crewscale helps you find and work with engineers with domain expertise and field experience similar to yours. It is building an ecosystem that enables companies to find vetted, curated tech talent — cutting down the recruitment and training cycle dramatically. Accelerated the remote workforce journey by 3X, Crewscale can be your partner that helps you finish all your projects.

Fastest time to hire

All our engineers are pre-vetted, you can set out on your project journey in just 1 week. We provide you with polished and proficient candidates as per your requirement.

Tested for success

We test our engineers on situations that parallel the work you’re hiring them for. With our rigorous vetting process and effective collaboration, you can match with your requirement forthwith.

Pros and Cons


Why people pick Toptal?

  • Quick turnaround: The platform helps businesses find the candidate that best fits the position within one to three weeks. Therefore, companies do not have to waste more time, energy, and resources in the recruitment process. Instead, they can already start doing what should be done.
  • No-risk involved: Toptal offers a no-risk trial period, which means that, if you are not satisfied with the initial results, you don’t have to pay anything. For those who just want to try how Toptal talents work, the platform also offers two weeks free trial. If you are dissatisfied, they are also able to restart the project and do it all over again.

Who is it right for?

If you are looking to earn recognition and referrals, who actively seeks new challenges and experiences in my work, Toptal has been invaluable in terms of widening your exposure to new types of clients and industries around the world.


  • Cost: Let’s not ignore the fact that freelancers on Toptal have higher rates compared with the “average” prices in the industry. Toptal can be quite rigorous about its rules just as it is about its recruiting practice. Both clients and freelancers aren’t allowed to discuss the prices. Also, as a freelancer, you are free to set your own price, but Toptal can suggest you adjust it in accordance with the potential client’s expectations, your current location, and your skills level.
  • Either you work for the company or for the client: Freelancers have a feeling they’re actually working for Toptal rather than their clients. However, Toptal freelancers have no way of knowing what is the final price a client is paying for their work. Truth be told, they have no right to complain because Toptal is doing all the work of finding the clients, establishing, and managing the working relationship.
  • No fixed hour rate: There are too many Toptalers compared to projects, there are around only one project/10 developers. Hence, you cannot set your own hourly rate, You have to rely on the recruiter in order to increase/decrease the rate. Of course, this is not normal but acceptable.


Why do people pick Crewscale?

Remote talent acquisition services, however, are extremely efficient. Crewscale is one such service. For a well-established company looking for short-term hires for staff augmentation, as well as for full-time developers, our platform can be beneficial.

Crewscale is a platform that offers its clients the top freelancers out there. You officially work on a contract basis. The reason you want a contract is so that you have your scope, your deliverables, and your timelines outlined.

Who is it right for?

Crewscale could be your first choice if you’re looking for:

Work from any location: Crewscale believes in Work From Anywhere culture, which is way more than the binary of “in office” or “at home”. and can always connect candidates with their talent working remotely from anywhere in the world.

Work in any company: Company size doesn’t matter when you hire top talents. Crewscale focuses on finding talented freelancers.

Interesting Projects: The ratio of the projects may vary depending on the interests you carry as a freelancer. You might find out about some interesting projects and sometimes you might even feel like quitting at the same time.

Why is Crewscale a better alternative?

Whether you need someone to design the user interface of your phone or want to get something done in your complex applications, we can bring to you an expert to get this job done. We are here to help companies overcome the challenges and bottlenecks to remote work and fully embrace its opportunities and potential. We are also here to scale our operations to help more companies find the right talent and to reach more engineers and connect them with better projects.

And we aren’t limited to this. We also enable companies to hire only the best freelancers from its global network of vetted talent. Crewscale also offers its services at a lower price than others, moderate and affordable.

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