ABFL built its fully custom model with Crewscale

ABFL | How Crewscale helped ABFL to find it's match

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd

ABFL, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital, is a well-diversified NBFC among the top five largest companies in India. ABFL offers end-to-end lending, financing, and wealth management solutions to a diversified range of customers across the country.

The company has also created a unique online financing platform ABFLDirect.com. It provides quick, convenient, and hassle-free services to retail and MSME customers. With a net worth of Rs. 80.78 billion, it ranks among the top five largest private diversified NBFCs in India based on.

Their Challenge

ABFL has a commitment to digital innovation. Its investment in new projects should serve as a model for others. Besides this, the company wanted to focus on bridging the group’s data science and engineering gap.

The group’s CXOs struggled to obtain timely business insights, finding off-the-shelf BI tools too complicated. And the business analysts had a turnaround time of one week.

ABFL had an idea to build a natural language, search-powered custom tool. In fact, they wanted a prototype to be shown at the group’s upcoming general conference in Budapest. Unfortunately, it couldn’t get completed.

Eventually, Crewscale came into the role.

Why Crewscale

How Crewscale choose talent

CrewScale has its own proprietary talent assessment engine. It filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool. To fill the gap between the demand and supply, Crewscale helps in matchmaking companies with the right talent to support scaling.

With the 100+ skill tests set our team structures a career progression plan for the candidates and understand workers’ goals. CrewScale allows companies to manage the process in a comprehensive way.
The project-based assessment module (Talscale) aims to brush up your technical as well as domain knowledge.

Our assistance

Our Crewscale team began with rigorous product design in parallel with cleaning the data sets. They architected the best fit NLU model. Our team brought a new dimension of social collaboration to the product and introduced an ‘insight cards’ driven approach.

Meanwhile, our team architected a fully custom model. They used their knowledge gained from previous experience filing two patents in the same domain.

Throughout the entire process, Crewscale monitored the progression of the product. Moreover, we ensured that every aspect was on track, and we had a quality product set for a timely delivery.

In one week, the project was commissioned instantly and the development of a prototype was beyond all expectations.