Adding value to the most valued ed-tech company - Byju's


BYJU’S is the world’s most valuable ed-tech company valued around USD 8 billion. The online learning platform aims at providing original content, watch-and-learn videos, rich animations, and interactive simulations for students from K12.

The brand evolved from test and exam prep model teaching across age groups. This tremendously increased the potential and reach of the app. In 2019, Byju’s and Disney jointly rolled out a new learning app targeted for children of classes 1 to 3.

Their challenge

The platform had to scale for the increasing users. Making the user experience better was definitive to the whole program as they had to capture the attention of young students. Globally, there was a need and an opportunity given that they already cater to a large English-speaking base.

Byju’s started creating and delivering unique education content to the students in different forms such as quizzes, exercises, visualizations, and much more than just theoretical knowledge. They also broke the internet connectivity barrier by uploading the video lessons on a tablet so that students can go through the lessons and learn whenever they get time, without any hassle. The implementation for this was far from easy though.

Byju’s needed more talent on board to deliver their latest goals. Not only was the hiring process slow, but the costs were also high, but most of the candidates also had too many offers in hand. The high attrition rates made the whole process an unworthy venture.

They wanted to expand their candidate reach, increase diversity, and inclusion. Targeting passive candidates seemed to be a good approach. Ensuring seamless team collaboration was always preferred, but it is not achieved easily, with a new hire taking 3 to 6 months to get integrated into the workflow.

Cue Crewscale

Byju’s found Crewscale’s value proposition to be one of its kind in the market. We have some strong USPs. Our pipeline of pre-assessed candidates was the icing on the cake as Byju’s needed good developers onboarded urgently. The project-based assessment made through Talscale (online assessment tool by Crewscale) used to assess the candidates not only scaled their hiring process, it saved their costs and also made the process reliable

Hear it from Byju's

Byju’s experience with Crewscale has been great. We got 100% conversion rates. There has not been a single drop out of their talent. They appreciated the prompt and professional response and the shorter turnaround time. They definitely count on Crewscale for their future talent requirements.

In less than a month we have onboarded 5 top-notch developers from premier institutes thoroughly tested. Engineers are plug and play from day 1 of joining, thus contributing to product development from the day they are deployed.

“We are really thankful to Crewscale. They had high-quality talent and backed it with their efforts and follow-ups. They scaled our hiring process, cut our recruitment costs, and made the process reliable. We appreciated the prompt and professional response and the shorter turnaround time.” – Ashish Rawat, Director of Engineering, Byju’s