Behind the scenes of CoinDCX's 20x scale in transactions


CoinDCX is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers a professional trading experience to all types of traders. It is specialized in crypto-enabled financial services.

The users can have single-point access to a diverse suite of crypto-based financial products. They also have access to the services that are backed by security processes and insurance. CoinDCX claims to have the highest number of cryptos listed on “exchanges” in India.

The products are designed for all types of traders. In fact, their trading experience, risk tolerance, and trading frequency are kept into consideration. To make investments accessible to people, the company also has a subsidiary called DCX Learn. Moreover, it is an ed-tech platform for those who want to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Their Challenge

Launched in 2018, the safety of personal investments was ensured by CoinDCX while the market is down. By simply moving the cryptos to CoinDCX, some of the services can be enjoyed. This includes faster deposits, lower trading fees, 30 plus trading pairs, and the most intuitive platform that can be enjoyed.

Globally, there was an opportunity given to make the trading experience safe and productive on a personal base. One of the largest crypto exchanges in India, crypto exchange required the scalable technology at the front end. The Crewscale team reached out to them as they were looking for mass level adoption. Also, Crewscale needed to deal with huge datasets per second. And at the same time, there was a need to update the look and feel every other day.

So, the team had to resolve the problem.

Why Crewscale

The Crewscale team filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool. We value the importance of putting the right person in the right job. With the 100+ skill tests set we structure a career progression plan for the candidates and understand workers’ goals.

Consequently, our team took this as a challenge. After researching for a week we have suggested Angular JS in the web portal and Flutter in mobile apps. We have also used sockets instead of APIs to update the datasets very frequently. It basically avoids any sluggish behavior at the front end.

The Crewscale Difference

Crewscale could address the very specific challenges companies face when they launch an educational platform to increase adoption. In the next six months, CoinDCX saw results too. It showed a massive scale in terms of adoption and a 20x scale in transactions. It also leads to a multi-million dollar investment from the leading investors around the world.

“GoScale is highly flexible ready to suit our needs. They have a low turn around time to bring candidates on board after signing the contract. Speaking about quality, Goscale hired our star performing developer. Totally impressed by them.” says, Neeraj Khandelwal, CTO and co-founder at CoinDCX.