Scaling the Mobile Premier League for over 40 million users

Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a competence-based e-sports online gaming platform. It offers a variety of games, fantasy sports, and quizzes with over 40 million registered users. MPL is one of the leading participants in the gaming space with the engagement of nearly 40 games on the platform.

It also gives its users an option to create a virtual team to play skill-games. The users can join contests for upcoming live matches where they can win cash prizes in return. The android-based platform supports multiple devices. With 40 million users, MPL is another fastest growing startup with a $150 million valuation.

Their Challenge

MPL’s user base skyrocketed in the two years since its inception. In addition to scaling the app and providing a better user experience, they wanted to build brand awareness and significantly strengthen their user base. MPL was also expanding its platform offer, preparing to develop and distribute content, and, ultimately, offer live streaming and chat.

MPL needed a developer to work completely under project infrastructure. They were looking for someone to work on a complex set of thirteen to fifteen microservices. Also, they wanted to create an updater and design and improve the gaming interface.

Cue Crewscale

We’ve Crewscale to create huge opportunities willing to generate strategies and procedures to carry out projects, operations, and culture. We have a community of 16,000 members, where you can brush up your skills to be more innovative, productive, and successful. A project-based assessment made through our proprietary platform Talscale enables testing not just technical skills but domain-specific knowledge too. We focus more on the ability to get and to retain the right talent.

The Crewscale difference

Within 2 weeks, Crewscale has closed 4 engineering positions!

The Crewscale had onboarded a developer within the first week and scaled the app as the user base grew. They finished the extensive work on the MPL referral program, segmentation service among many others. Also, they successfully took the app off play store, created a separate updater where users could update their apps and download newer versions.

The improvisation of the gaming interface was achieved while working with the MPL team.

“We’ve been very pleased with our experience working with Crewscale. Their team was incredibly helpful in finding the right candidates for us. The work was stellar, the communication was excellent and we couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience.”  says, Rohit Vatsyayan, Talent Acquisition Specialist, MPL.