How Polymorph scaled their engineering team with CrewScale

How Polymorph scaled their engineering team with CrewScale

Polymorph needed to scale its engineering team and fast.

With a reach of two billion unique users per month, Polymorph was looking to scale and improve the ad delivery for greater penetration into the digital landscape! They needed a cost-effective solution to build a robust and highly talented team that could achieve realistic goals for them!

Polymorph found CrewScale to be the sensible choice in its endeavor to take giant strides in the online advertising sector.


Polymorph is a digital ad delivery founded in 2013 by Mr. Satish Polisetti. It is a white label monetization platform rejuvenating the ad delivery experiences for greater revenues to publishers at lesser costs.

Polymorph allows publishers to define their own branded ad experiences, leverage their data to target users across devices and manage and deliver campaigns from direct and indirect demand sources.

It gained a reach of two billion unique users every month across 150+ countries. It stands the biggest testimonial to the technology and user-friendly ad delivery experience by them. The consistent growth and better service led to its acquisition by Walmart recently.

Industry: Online Media

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Customers: Viber, Mozilla/Pocket, Disqus, Gfycat, etc.

Location: San Francisco, California

Their challenge

The demand for skilled developers in Silicon Valley is not a new thing. It comes with higher costs per hire that startup companies distance themselves from. As per the Human Capital Benchmarking Report, the average cost-per-hire in the United States is $4,129 in 2017 and it varied depending on the company size and industry.

Polymorph was eager to expand its core tech team. But due to the higher costs for in-office staff, it turned towards remote developers. The greater access to remote talent across the globe, made the decision easier for them.

Why Crewscale

The ease at which CrewScale helped its clients to cater to their remote team building impressed Mr. Satish. CrewScale provided a pool of top percentile pre-assessed engineers tested on 40+ software skills including domain-specific ones. With talent from across 15 countries, the ability to support scaling on demand and quick onboarding process made CrewScale the first choice for Polymorph.

CrewScale helped Polymorph in building a remote team of 5 engineers in just 7 working days! The onboarding process was really smooth and the team bonded well with Polymorph after understanding their roles and responsibilities. Within a span of one year, Polymorph was able to increase its revenue by 30%. They cut down costs on talent acquisition and full-time recruits as well.

Hear it from Polymorph

“With CrewScale, we got a team of highly skilled developers to fulfill our Tech requirements in a short period of time. The performance and professionalism of the team were of the highest caliber. Totally recommend CrewScale if you are looking for quality to scale” says, Mr. Satish Polisetti.

Distributed teams are the Future of work. CrewScale remote hiring solutions can help in scaling your tech capabilities relieving the tedious in-house process burden off your shoulders. Let us make a difference in how you approach team building & solve your talent hunt problem! Write to us at to ramp up your tech team today!