Scaling Social Cops data platform with Crewscale team


Founded in 2013, Social Cops is a nonprofit that seeks to build a brighter future. It is a smart data platform with improved BI and empowered decision-making.

Social Cops has a mission to confront the world’s most critical problems through data intelligence. Working with governments, businesses, nonprofits, and philanthropies, Social Cops aims to empower others to make better decisions and build a brighter future.

It has also built “Disha”, India’s national data platform. It is a single place for data from 40 flagship schemes across 20 ministries, used by district officials across India.

Challenges and objectives

The organization had an abundance of data. So much disorganized data made it difficult for Social Cops to make decisions, which is a common problem for global nonprofits.

Data cleaning is time-consuming. Whereas analyzing data and sharing findings with stakeholders is also problematic without sufficient resources. To cover all this, they wanted to perform data intelligence.

They needed the data to help make their final decisions and drive their plans into action. Data for designing a national health scheme, opening new stores, orchestrating a large-scale fundraising plan. In fact, they also wanted some to invest in international female empowerment initiatives.

Cue Crewscale

To organize the data, Crewscale came to the rescue. With 100+ skills set, Crewscale reduces the wide gap between demand and supply. It allows companies to manage the process in a comprehensive way.

Moreover, Talscale, an assessment engine, has helped them automate screening.  This also helped in the recruitment of engineers to a large extent. It filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool.

We at Crewscale promote and hire employees who are a good fit for a role. In fact, we value the importance of putting the right person in the right job.

Crewscale Methodology

Crewscale identified it’s best potential candidates for the project. Our team built a website and database allowing an analyst to request any kind of data. The platform collects huge amounts of data, such as local surveys, census, and (open public data).

With such a sophisticated website and database solution, Social Cops could now find the answer to questions such as: what is the per capita income growth in a specific block in a particular city in the world?


Clients make better decisions in terms of investments when they have good data intelligence. The innovative product our team designed for Social Cops allows the collection and analysis of meaningful data, which is used to make impactful decisions.

In fact, this solution helped Social Cops to empower their partners to take action with the data collected and measure the impact of their initiatives. The final product enables detailed analysis across 100+ sectors with a product that is easy to navigate and infinitely leverageable.