Built a tutor operational model for Sophia with Crewscale


Founded in 2010, Sophia is a social teaching and learning application. It makes free, credible academic content available to anyone at any time. With the goal to build a community where everyone has access to information, they have connected the traditional classroom with a worldwide classroom. Now it has become easier for people to connect in one way who wants to learn, with people willing to teach.

In fact, the processes are now integrated and the information is made available in ‘real-time’ for the controllership and for decision making. The important management data can be accessed quickly and academic data is accessible to everyone. However, the parents of students can now even access through the Web Terminal and, more recently, the Application.

Challenges and Objectives

Sophia wanted to build a tutor marketplace. In the digital marketplace, they wanted to create a system where they can register and get specific courses and get them approved by the authorities.

Beyond this, the company was looking for a Vendor for a staffing model to work for a year. They wanted to design an education-based application. Also, they were looking for a good operational model to develop the entire protocol for the end to end. And by now, they wanted a developed algorithm for their platform to work. This is where Crewscale came into the role.

Cue Crewscale

Crewscale is designed to close the gap by matchmaking companies with the right talent to support scaling. With 100+ skills set, it reduces the wide gap between the demand and supply. CrewScale allows companies to manage the process in a comprehensive way.

In fact, Talscale, a proprietary assessment engine, has helped them automate screening and recruitment of engineers to a large extent. It filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool.

Crewscale could address the very specific challenges companies face when hiring the right talent. Moreover, they understand the strategies, operations, and culture at the root of the organizations.

Crewscale Impact

In less than a year, we closed 7 engineering positions!

Moreover, in less than a year, few positions covered a range of technologies including Data Engineering, DevOp, Java, React. These positions involved 3 Android engineers, 1 Frontend Developer, 1 Backend developer, 1 Architect iOS, and 1 QA testers. The engagement period stayed for 9 to 12 months.

The engineers built an algorithm for a good operational model and designed a fully automated educational based application. The Sophia.app was live from April, thus making it easier in supporting the needs of the students.