Turvo built its first operating platform for logistics with Crewscale


Founded in 2014, Turvo is the world’s first multi-enterprise collaborative platform that connects anyone, anywhere to move things. It is specifically designed for the global supply chain connecting people and organizations.

Turvo brings an opportunity for shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to digitally transform their workflows with cloud-based software and mobile applications. Also, with a valuation of $435M, Turvo provides one end-to-end system of the record set for all operations and analytics. In addition to this, Turvo customers involve some of the best service providers, fast-growth shippers, and many brokers across the world.

Their Challenge

Turvo was looking for an in-built calendar operating its service platform that simplifies the in/out movements of the warehouse. Moreover, they looked for sourcing suitable candidates who will be a good fit for this role. They filtered a few interested candidates within a short period of time and proceeded with a prolonged interview process.

Apparently, they had to face the last minute drop-offs by selected candidates. The company knew they needed a polished and friendly scheduler– and quickly. And this is where Crewscale came to the rescue.

Why Crewscale

Crewscale could address the very specific challenges companies face when hiring the right talent. They understand the strategies, operations, and culture at the root of the organizations.

Moreover, Crewscale is designed to close the gap by matchmaking companies with the right talent to support scaling. With 100+ skills set, it reduces the wide gap between the demand and supply. CrewScale allows companies to manage the process in a comprehensive way.

Also, CrewScale has its own proprietary talent assessment engine, Talscale. It filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool. It helps in matchmaking companies with the right talent to support scaling.

Crewscale’s Impact

Within a year, Crewscale placed 3 engineers.

They built an appointment scheduler from scratch which works exactly like google calendar. It became easy for all the entities involved in the logistics to book, edit, and cancel theirs in/out movements for the warehouse.

It took 2 quarters to create the first version of the scheduler. Moreover, the actual model got released after the second quarter of hard work. Eventually, it proved to be an evolving service based on the requirements of different players, involved in logistics.

Crewscale provided an opportunity for the candidates to work for multiple clients and projects holding the same payroll. In fact, the flexibility in choosing the clients/projects based on interest/location is one of the major perks of working with Crewscale. They learned to build a project from scratch that almost gave a 360-degree exposure covering all the parts of the software development cycle.