Empowering job seekers and HR teams through Veremark


Founded in 2018, Veremark is a digital background screening solution empowering job seekers and HR teams. The company standardizes the reference check process with a streamlined solution.

It also helps companies to process a full range of candidate checks. Usually, it ranges from academic qualifications to criminal records. Through Veremark, employers get peace of mind and complete confidence in their candidates.

Veremark also benefits candidates. By completing the checks requested by employers, these individuals will receive a block-chain based career passport. Also, this gives them full ownership of their career credentials. Thus eliminating the need for repetitive checks in the future.

Veremark seeks to enable faster recruitment through intelligent reference checking. Global recruitment companies and internal hiring teams can validate CVs quickly and accurately. Whereas, job seekers can prove their value to potential employers and access faster employment.

Their Challenge

Veremark wanted to help recruiters quickly and reliably check candidates’ references. They also wanted to help job seekers to prove their credentials quickly and easily.

In fact, the company believed that if intelligent reference checks and CV validation gets combined, recruiters can reduce the hiring time. And this might improve the quality of reference checks.

Why Crewscale

Crewscale is designed to close the gap by matchmaking companies with the right talent to support scaling. With 100+ skills set, it reduces the wide gap between the demand and supply. CrewScale allows companies to manage the process in a comprehensive way.

For instance, Talscale, an assessment engine, has helped them automate screening.  This also helped in the recruitment of engineers to a large extent. It filters the top 1% of applicants to build an extremely elite talent pool.

Veremark reached out to Crewscale, and we discussed all the details of the project. With our global reach, we were able to identify the most suitable tech agencies with few of their ideal combination. This included the skills, background, and experience to deliver this highly specialized product.

Our Collaboration

We presented our three top recommendations and our team started work straight away. Furthermore, we monitored every aspect of the project using communications and collaboration tools. Additionally, Jira, Slack, Asana, and Trello ensured a smooth process with high-quality standards and timely delivery.

The tech team built a stunning web application that simplifies the whole hiring process. The software had in-built programming. Recruiters only need to enter the name and email address of the candidate. And the job seeker automatically receives a notification to submit the details of their referees.

Using the ready-made templates, it’s easy to validate a candidate’s credentials. In fact, it assesses their cultural fit and asks the right questions from the right people.

The Crewscale difference

The streamlined app designed for Veremark enables easy and accurate collection of data. Moreover, it enables intelligent hiring decisions.

Crewscale helped Veremark to operate a premier Software as a Service platform for HR managers. Also, it makes reference checking a simple process and “empowers people to prove how good they are”.

Veremark now integrates with the world’s top HR tools and speeds up the recruitment process. As a result, this is leading to better, more suitable hires and happier teams.