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With Top 1% of Remote
Developers, we are trusted
by leading companies

Secure your remote career with Crewscale. Join our
community of top remote engineers in finding the best
opportunities and exciting projects.

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Why Crewscale?

We are a global network of top developers and product managers. Our goal is to help you build your future. We want you to do your best at the project in hand. Worrying about your next project and finding the right opportunities is our job. Say goodbye to the uncertainties and hassles of freelancing.

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    Work from anywhere

    Live with family or travel wherever you want and keep working on exciting projects.

  • why crewscale

    Earn your potential

    We appreciate our talent and don’t undercut them, you get what you rightfully deserve.

  • why crewscale

    Hassle free work

    We find best relevant opportunities for you, the prospecting and pre-sales.

  • why crewscale

    Work with the best

    From well-funded tech companies to Fortune 500, find perfect career opportunity for you.

Top skills
that get hired

A community of developers with over 100+ Skills to suit our client’s specific needs.

Explore More Skills
  • Angular


    7000 Developers

  • Java


    7990 Developers

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    6050 Developers

  • Devops


    6000 Developers

  • IOS


    6989 Developers

  • Java Script

    Java Script

    9780 Developers

How we aquire top 1% of the talent

We have a 4 step hiring process that ensures we have a pool of the best
tech talent from around the globe.


Sourcing and Vetting

Our candidates are sourced from online tech communities,
as well as organic networking. Profiles of our candidates go
through automated parsing, for initial vetting.

solid background Sourcing and Vetting
solid background assessment assessment assessment


The assessment process has 3 steps: the basic Data
Structures and Algorithms test, the domain expertise test,
and a domain-specific project-based assessment.



Takes into consideration skill relevance, past experience and
soft skills and culture fit analyzed from past companies
using machine learning for weight distribution.

Matchmaking angular github flutter react python swift
interview interview interview interview


We conduct one-to-one interviews, as well as paired coding
interviews. These interviews are recorded so clients can view
them for reference. Clients may interview the candidates
themselves as well.

The top remote talent in the world.

With our global reach, Crewscale is at forefront of changing how the best technology
companies and most talented people partner to build the future.


Crewscale is loved by

Get inspired by these stories.


“I have always been passionate about building Edu tech products, and I found a fantastic opportunity matching my interests on Crewscale. It gives me exposure to new challenges around global scenarios every day. Undoubtedly a great learning experience.”

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    “I got an excellent opportunity via Crewscale as a full-stack developer. It feels great doing work I enjoy and seeing it getting deployed in high-scale systems. Thankful to Crewscale for this opportunity. ”

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    “Crewscale has helped a ton in building a great remote career for me. Everyone is really professional to deal with. My income has been steady with a great project to work on.””

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