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How we aquire top 1% of the talent

We have a 4 step hiring process that ensures we have a pool of the best
tech talent from around the globe.

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    From in-demand to niche skills, we've got the a vast pool.

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    The automated engine dramatically cuts our time to hire.

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    Our process is transparent, from detailed assessment reports to live recordings.

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How we aquire top 1% of the talent

We have a 4 step hiring procces that ensures we have a pool of the best
tech talent from around the globe.


Sourcing and Vetting

Our candidates are sourced from online tech communities,
as well as organic networking. Profiles of our candidates go
through automated parsing, for initial vetting.

solid background Sourcing and Vetting
solid background assessment assessment


The assessment process has 3 steps: the basic Data
Structures and Algorithms test, the domain expertise test,
and a domain-specific project-based assessment.



Takes into consideration skill relevance, past experience and
soft skills and culture fit analyzed from past companies
using machine learning for weight distribution.

Matchmaking angular github flutter react python swift
interview interview interview


We conduct one-to-one interviews, as well as paired coding
interviews. These interviews are recorded so clients can view
them for reference. Clients may interview the candidates
themselves as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know your talent requirement in four simple steps, our talent acquisition lead will reach out to you in less than 48 hours. Once we know your talent requirements, we find the best developers from our talent pipeline and connect them with you.

We support everything in tech. We can connect you with the top tech talent for almost every role. Our talent community includes web developers, app developers, technical architects, project and product managers, data scientists, and analysts. Roles like blockchain experts are also supported on demand.

You can hire remote engineers for any period as per requirement, although we encourage both clients and engineers to pick long term, full time work engagement.

As a part of our screening process, our interview experts conduct technical interviews with our talent, as well as a paired coding interview. We also record the technical interview for you to review. You can always interview them yourself further for culture fit or ask any specific questions you have.

We run a thorough matching process every time you share your requirements and share the profiles of the shortlisted engineers for you to choose from.

Once you choose a remote engineer to work with, we offer a trial period of two weeks. This is considered risk-free, meaning, we will bill you for the time and continue your engagement with the engineer. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed. We can provide you with another engineer who may be a better fit, beginning a second, no-risk trial.


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