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Must attend Remote Conferences – 2020

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Must attend Remote Conferences

We’ve officially entered the remote decades this 2020.

Remote is the biggest revolution yet in the history of work. Living our lives being handcuffed to our desks, We’d say it was long overdue.

We’re moving towards a model where we have more flexibility to decide our work schedules and operate accordingly when we’re most productive rather than the fixed 9 to 5. This transition of organizing work around life is huge and not without major implications.

We’re breaking the fourth wall in the workspace, acknowledging that we have a life and priorities beyond the office premises. But this is fundamentally evolving the way we approach work and structure, not actually disengaging us from it. The main focus is shifting towards efficiency instead of hours.

Few companies are also reinventing themselves in this quest.

Here are a few remote conferences helping the crowds catch up to the trends.

Remote-First Online Conference

Location: Online

Date: 14 January to 15 February 2020

Price: Free

6 Nomads definitely get the spirit of remote right when they’ve come up with this. The event is designed for the (current and future) founders, CTOs and CEOs and remote tech talent. The speakers themselves being founders of remote-first startups, creators of remote tools or HR managers of remote teams sets the stage for the conference – they intend to cover all things remote and tech.

If you are running a remote team and planning to build one, or working in a remote team and want a quality upgrade, then this conference is for you.

Bansko Nomad Fest 2020

Location: Bansko, Bulgaria, Europe

Dates: 29 June to 5 July 2020

Price: 149 Euros

For one week 500+ nomads, remote workers and freelancers are set to take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports and nature.

Bansko promises to turn into a celebration of what location independence is all about. In the morning sessions, inspiring speakers are gearing up to share their insights and stories, along with a range of talks, workshops and presentations. Taking it forward to the afternoons dedicated to a range of fun activities in nature and the evenings to networking, fine dine and music, the event offers an enticing mix of a conference and a retreat.

Nomad Summit

Location: Tbilisi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dates: 22-25th May 2020

Price: $119

Nomad Summit is one of the biggest conferences for digital nomads, remote workers and online entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to learn from successful professionals and network with like-minded people. The first Nomad Summit was organized in January 2015. Since then, hundreds of location independent entrepreneurs, online business owners, freelancers, remote workers started considering it the central annual events of Thailand.

Running Remote Conference

Location: Austin, USA

Dates: 20 to 21 April 2020

Price: $799

Running Remote Conference focuses on advanced strategies that founders & professionals need to succeed in managing and growing their remote teams. It is the third edition of the world’s largest conference, a gathering of leaders sharing everything they’ve learned running a remote-first organization.

You can learn to efficiently manage and grow your distributed team. This year’s lineup of speakers includes Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, John Eckman, CEO of 10up, Sara Sutton, CEO of FLexJobs, the key figures from some of the best remote companies out there.

Virtual Working Summit

Location: Virtual

Date: October 2020

Price: Free

Virtual Working Summit is a confab where all the interviews can be viewed online, downloaded and listened as per one’s convenience.

There is no need to travel or book any hotel, save money and avoid having to take time off work and arrange cover to attend. The speakers aim to help you expand your thinking and provide tools and techniques for you to try out, safe in the knowledge that they’re coming from experts.

The main advantage of this summit is that you could connect with other participants online. If you manage remote teams or projects or work remotely yourself, you may have a lot to take away from this event.

Remote Working Summit

Location: Online

Date: 14 to 16 April 2020

Price: Free

If you are waiting for the incremental benefits on how to successfully work remotely in a distributed team to acquire soft skills, this is a must-attend event for you.

It is the third edition of the world’s largest remote work conference on addressing the challenges with starting and scaling remote work.

The major focus for three days is how to build a remote career, how to lead remote teams and scaling of remote organizations. You’ll get a conference link to attend live for the dates mentioned above once you get your pass.

Anyone and everyone who works as a freelancer, remote worker, team leader or entrepreneur can be a part of it. 

Did we miss any interesting conference? Write to us and we’ll fix it immediately! Also, do let us know which of these events are you attending this year, we might just meet you there!

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