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Why hire talent from just one country, when you can hire pre-vetted top tech talent from all over the globe starting at $30 per hour with Crewscale?

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Why do clients choose Crewscale

Massive Talent Pool

Gun.io has 90% of its developers (25000) from the United States alone. Whereas, Crewscale has a pre-vetted, high-quality pool of 300K+ developers from all over the world.

Automatic vetting and Reports

We assess our developers through a 4-step automated screening process through live coding interviews and industry-standard project-based assessments with detailed skill reports.

Payroll and Compliance

Payroll and Compliance

Crewscale strives towards offering a fair compensation package to the developers at nearly half the price of Gun.io. For clients at Crewscale, managing payroll and tax compliances are easy with a suite of built-in products

Crewscale Difference

Crewscale Vs gun.io

What Crewscale offers

Automated Reporting

Every report has a drilled down analysis of the strengths of the candidate eliminating the possibility of errors. Moreover, you can also track qualitative performance analysis.

Automated Reporting

End-to-end talent management

With our sophisticated monitoring platform, we ensure you find the right solutions for all your Remote talent needs and keep your focus on product development.

End-to-end talent management

Easy pricing plans