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Crewscale vs Andela

 crewscale vs andela

Why do clients choose Crewscale?

  • Vetting Process

    Quality of talent

    Andela trains software developers from one specific region whereas Crewscale gets you the hands-on developers from top tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon from around the world that are screened and tested specifically to serve your purpose.

  • Round the clock

    Vetting and screening

    Our talent goes through an automated vetting and screening process where we assess candidates with live coding interviews and project-based assessments and evaluate them on 100+ tech skills. Andela doesn’t offer the same level of quality assurance.

  • Detailed assessment reports

    Payroll and compliance

    Crewscale strives towards offering a fair compensation package to the developers at half the price of Andela. However, Andela offers its developers only one-third of the up-front rate received by the companies.

Why are we better?

why crewscale

Automated Reporting

Every report has a drilled down analysis of strengths of the
candidate eliminating the possibility of errors. Plus, you can
also track qualitative performance analysis.

Expert management

With our one monitoring platform, we ensure you find the
right solutions for your needs, and keep your operations
running smoothly.

why crewscale
why crewscale

Hassle-free hiring

Scale up or down as needed, when needed. Crewscale gives
you a fully flexible pricing model at $20-80/hour to
accommodate your unique needs.

Dedicated 24/7 customer
service team

Get the help you need, 24/7. We are here for you over live chat
process, email, team support and management with our
dedicated account managers for your queries.

why crewscale

Get matched with
vetted engineers from
around the world

Get started today!
you can trust

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