Accelerating Ola Electric's Product Build with Crewscale

Ola Electric

Ola Electric Mobility is one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies valued at $1 billion. It aims to electrify its fleet with the mission of 1 million electric vehicles to be on roads by 2021.

It is currently running several electric vehicle pilot programs across the nation. Ola Electric becomes India’s newest unicorn with the $356 million funding in total.

Ola came with the new advanced technologies of charging infrastructure and swappable battery systems for these vehicles. So, Ola took a serious step in electrifying the existing fleet of cabs and scooters in the country.

With the revolution of electric vehicles in 110+ cities, how is Ola managing that?

Their Challenge

There were no limitations to the complications. There were no generic services to upload any kind of artifact to the Cloud.  No library to send SMS or Emails, and no snapshotting of data in data ingestion platforms. Also, there were no traces of spatial service to capture and locate entities like users, stations geographically.

They wanted help in designing and developing a micro service that uploads any artifact to Azure Blob Storage.

The platform had to scale for the increasing users too.

Why Crewscale?

We’ve built Crewscale to address the very specific challenges companies face when hiring talent. We have a community of 16,000 members which makes us the most preferred source of quality talent. Crewscale also ensures the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates by their 100+ skill tests. The project-based assessment module, Talscale enables testing technical skills and appropriate domain-specific knowledge. This means that Ola Electric were not just connected with the top talent but the right ones too.

In less than 1 month, we closed 5 engineering positions!

Crewscale developers created a communication engine using Apache Flink and Kafka Connectors. This engine has a special inbuilt of a Java library to send SMS or emails (by any service).

To capture the user’s attention, we designed a module to snapshot and journal data. There was a creation of the hive tables on top of them for the analysts to view in a dashboard. To capture the user’s active geo coordinates with the design and development of a geospatial service was created. Also, there was an inclusion of the stations lat-long which locates all the Ola Electric’s stations under a given radius.

Hear it from Ola Electric

“With Crewscale, we were able to find talented developers in a matter of weeks instead of months. The quality of talent they supply is extremely high as the developers are able to immediately get on board and ramp up incredibly fast.” says Sathya Narayanan, Head – Software Engineering & AI at Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd.