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C# developer to hire

What does Crewscale do for you

Recruitment has changed dramatically in 2020. Whether you are hiring
fresh grads or experienced candidates, our platform can help you hire
remotely for all your roles.

  • Sourcing the Right Talent

    From the most popular to niche skills, Crewscale attracts and sources the best candidates from online tech communities all over the world.

  • Intensive Vetting Process

    Our support for you doesn't take breaks and weekends, we’re here for you any time with 24*7 assistance.

  • Deep Developer Profiles

    Developer profiles help you make informed hiring decisions with detailed, easy-to-understand insights into the coding capabilities of candidates.

  • Relevant Matchmaking

    Our state-of-the-art algorithm uses machine learning (ML) powered graph technology to match you with the right talent for your job, in seconds.

  • Easy Interview Scheduling

    Sync your Google calendar & share a link with the candidate to book an available time slot. Say goodbye to the never-ending scheduling back and forth.

  • Automated Contracts and Hiring

    To hire a dev, simply enter their basic details & salary. Crewscale automatically generates legally compliant contracts, supported by secure e-signing.

  • Effective Remote Work Management

    Measure the work efficiency and hours of your devs with precision. A suite of work tracking and management tools helps you stay on top of your projects.

  • Payment and Compliances

    Find the best-suited talent around the world for your project. While hiring overseas, Crewscale takes care of all legal compliances and currency exchanges.

How we aquire top 1% of the talent

We have a 4 step hiring process that ensures we have a pool of the best
tech talent from around the globe.


Sourcing and Vetting

Our candidates are sourced from online tech communities,
as well as organic networking. Profiles of our candidates go
through automated parsing, for initial vetting.

solid background Sourcing and Vetting
solid background assessment assessment assessment


The assessment process has 3 steps: the basic Data
Structures and Algorithms test, the domain expertise test,
and a domain-specific project-based assessment.



Takes into consideration skill relevance, past experience and
soft skills and culture fit analyzed from past companies
using machine learning for weight distribution.

Matchmaking angular github flutter react python swift
interview interview interview interview


We conduct one-to-one interviews, as well as paired coding
interviews. These interviews are recorded so clients can view
them for reference. Clients may interview the candidates
themselves as well.


Crewscale is loved by

Get inspired by these stories.


“With CrewScale, we got a team of highly skilled developers to fulfill our Tech requirements in a short period of time. The performance and professionalism of the team were of the highest caliber. Totally recommend CrewScale if you are looking for quality to scale”

Satish Polisetti

CEO and Co-Founder, Polymorph

  • rapidue

    “We wanted to focus on rolling out products, not hiring. We didn’t want to invest a lot to outsource it either. We got a team of Product manager, Front end and Full-stack engineer with experience in retail in two weeks”

    Abhay Deshpande

    Founder, Rapidue

  • Baqala

    “We needed to go live in 4 months and Crewscale got me a team of App Developers and UI/UX Designers who delivered a great product for the Bahrain market within 4 months”

    Amjad Puliyali

    Co-Founder, Baqala

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